About Us

Tampa International Apparel was the creative idea of young Entrepreneur Chris Vega. Founded in 2019, Tampa International Apparel went from thought to formation by a Brooklyn, New York transplant that wanted to represent his new home with quality goods that would rival any that came out of New York.


Born in 1985, Chris Vega moved from the congested streets of Brooklyn, NY to Tampa, Florida. Full of creativity, he set out to make a name for himself. Always inspired by the world around him, Vega turned to his music to express that creativity. Operating under the stage name Chris Vegas, Vega released a mixtape called "My Life". True to the songs he wrote, he dedicated himself to the family that would eventually grow to six. Married with four children now, Vega took his family back home to Sunset Park, to see where it all stared for him. He wanted his family to represent Tampa with pride but was unable to find Tampa apparel that suited his needs.


Inspired by the first commercial flight in the world from St. Petersburg to Tampa on January 1, 1914, Vega used that same determination, that same hope that a new year brings and put all his efforts into his new clothing line. It's trademark plane, the symbol of his company, in honor of that first revolutionary adventure that changed the world. He hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and revolutionize the world no matter where they are at. Lifting Tampa up to represent a new future and sore to new heights where there are no limits. Now boarding, Tampa International Apparel.